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About Pafos Buses

Pafos Buses is a public transportation service that operates daily and covers the entire Paphos District. Our website, tourist information offices and main bus stations provide information on ticket prices, bus timetables and schedules.


Paphos Transport Organisation has four main bus stations in Paphos Town, Paphos Harbour, Tomb of the Kings and Polis. We pride ourselves on providing safe, reliable and affordable transportation to our passengers. Our team is dedicated to ensuring that every journey is comfortable and stress-free for our passengers.

Paphos Transport Organisation (Ο.ΣΥ.ΠΑ.) limited is a private entity that was incorporated on 25th of November 2009 and operated on 4th of July 2010.  Although a newly incorporated company it has a 30 year experience in public transportation through ALEPA Limited which is the Company’s main shareholder. The company has the exclusive right for public transportation in regular routes all over Paphos District.

Mission Statement:

Provide quality service to all our passengers, contribute to an emission-free environment and create value to all our stakeholders.

  • Our Company’s priority is to provide quality service to all our customers and exceed their expectations in area coverage, frequency of routes, comfort, consistency and cost through continuous improvement and customer interaction.

  • Our goal is to serve the passengers through advanced technologically ticketing and real-time information systems, to provide the quality service we vision.

  • Through the continuous renewal of our bus fleet and the strict requirements we set for fuel consumption and emissions we wish to contribute as much as we can to a greener environment for our society.


  • We wish to be a great place to work where people are inspired to be the best they can be.

  • Maximise long-term return to shareowners while being mindful of our overall responsibilities.

For general enquiries please email 

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Company History


Signed on 29/02/1980 by 21 founding members and the founding document of the Company under the tradename PAPHOS CITY BUSES (A.LE.PA) LTD.


Established in 11/03/1980, under the Companies Act 1951 -- 1968 TBR. 113, Article 15 (I) as a Limited Company.


On 26/10/1984, the Company is declared by the Minister of Finance as the Regional Urban Bus Company (PEAL).


On 30/03/1991 the Bus Companies (PEAL) formed the Pancyprian Coordinating Committee of PEAL, in cooperation with the automobile Professional Organisations PEEA & SEAK to promote their demands in an  organised manner, for more effective and direct solutions of the current problems.


In 1993 ALEPA implemented a fully computerised system with the aim of improving the level of effectiveness of its current operations and customer service.


In 1997 ALEPA acquired its own privately owned facilities for the housing of its headquarters,  the mechanical and coach maintenance workshop and the car washing machine including bus parking. 


In 2002 ALEPA become the first acquirer in Cyprus of 7 low floor buses which was a pioneering step on a Pancyprian scale.  In 2008 it added to the fleet another 7 buses with the same European standards.


On the 5th of July 2010, initiated by the former Minister of Communications and Works Mr Nicos Nicolaides, the new company under the name OSYPA LTD (Pafos Transport Organisation) starts operating throughout Pafos District. OSYPA LTD participates in the new government programme of Public Transportation.

In the same time the company is hiring highly skilled, experienced and educated staff as well as completing the acquisition of new and modern buses of synchronous technology and European prescriptions.

The Pafos Transport Organisation operates with aim and intention for the best available service of the passenger audience in Pafos town, suburbs and all villages.


On 01 of December 2022, the Company starts operating under a new contract for the next decade, with the Ministry of Transportations Communication and Works, which was won through an international open tender. Under the new contract the company has a plan to renew the fleet with 84 brand new buses, with Low emissions (Euro 6 Engines), full accessibility and full telematics System.

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