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Ticket Prices for Pafos District Routes: City, Suburbs & Villages

Ticket type / Τύπος εισιτηρίου
Prices / Τιμές
One way
One way night (after 21:00)
Weekly personalised
Weekly non-personalised
Monthly personalised
Monthly non-personalised

Intercity Ticket Prices

Ticket type / Τύπος εισιτηρίου
Prices / Τιμές

One way (€2.00), daily (€6.50), night (€3.00) and their respective 50% tickets are available only on the buses. All other types of ticket are only available in our information offices (click here to find our information offices located in the main bus stations).


Click here to see the full description of each ticket type at the top this page.

Free & Discounted Travel

A. Passengers in the following categories can travel free at all times:

  1. Children up to and including 5 years old.

  2. Soldiers presenting their Cyprus Military Card.

  3. Contract soldiers with the presentation of their Military Identity Card to the driver.

  4. Low income pensioners on presentation of their low income beneficiary card.

  5. People in a wheelchair, blind people and their companion assistants.

  6. Holders of the European Disability Card. (In the case the disabled person has an assistant, then the European Disability Card will bear the mark "A" (assistant). The accompanying person will not have a separate card but is covered by the card of the disabled person.

  7. Students of Primary and Elementary School, only when using the school routes.

B. 50% discount on ticket prices is offered to:

  1. University students of recognised Cyprus Universities by showing their student card.

  2. Holders of European Youth Card (students).

  3. Children up to 12 years old.

  4. Pupils from 13-18 years old by showing their identity card or pupil identity card.

  5. Owners of Cypriot social card.

C. The above fares include the luggage carriage for passengers.

D. The above fares include VAT.

Please note: Those passengers who are entitled to a 50% discount or a reduced monthly or weekly fare for the validation of the ticket must always present the specific document or card in their name which proves they are the holder and entitled to the reduced tariff. This must be the original card or document. Photocopies and photos taken on phones are not accepted.

Click the PDF icon to download the application for issuance of a personalised smart card or registration of a non-personalised card.

Click the PDF icon to download the instructions for issuing free monthly tickets for students.

Motion Bus Ticket & Smart Card Information and Prices 

The Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works in cooperation with Osypa Ltd, Pafos Public Transport Company electronic bus ticketing information.

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