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M-04 Student Route -Kato Pafos (Agapinoros)- High School A' Ethnarchi Makarios of the 3rd - Nicolaideio Gymnasium 

Starting point description: Agapinoros (Mayfair), Ag. Anargyron, Tombs of the Kings, Morphou, K. Pervolion, Korai, Tombs of the Kings, Ap. Pavlou, Gladstonos, Gr. Digeni, Lyceum 1 (Connection with student route M-01 for Technical), Evagora Pallikaridis, El. Venizelou, Nikolaideio Gymnasium - Kykkou High School. Return Description: Nikolaideio Gymnasium - Kykkou High School, El. Venizelou, Evagora Pallikaridis, Lyceum 1 (Connection with student route M-01 for Engineering), Gr. Digeni, Gladstonos, Ap. Pavlou, Tombs of the Kings, Korai, K. Pervolion, Morphou, Tombs of the Kings, Ag. Anargyron, Agapinoros (Mayfair). 

Departure morning: 07:00 Departure afternoon: 13:35 

No important announcements 

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